On October 2nd 1997, the very first aero-ship was put in use! This was the bigger, better and faster version of the popular aero-balloon which was used for more than 2000 years!

The very first aeroship was just 10 meters long and 2 wide and had a balloon only twice that size. It was invented by Sir Doug Lioness of the Eastern Mountain Knights (Born 1977).

Evolution of the AeroshipEdit

Through the past 2500 years the Aeroships has evolved quite a bit. Now most large Aeroships are as big as small cities, and instead of steam and gas, they run on the magic from gigantic enchanted crystals! Although the magic aeroships are purely made for the Eastern Mountain Knights, they will be sold for commercial or private use when a newer one is replacing it.

There is still classic Lioness-Style Aeroships flying the skies of Centuria. They are usually used as small cargoships and private vehicles, but is also used a lot by Aero-pirates in their fleets. One exception being Captain Joel Zackson who bought his "'Military Issue 349 Magic Aerosship" from the Eastern Mountain Knights when he left them.



The Lioness

Very first Aeroship - Buildt by Sir Doug Lioness - Painted by unknown artist


  • Lighter weight.
  • Easier to manufacture.

Cons  *Harder to maneuver.

  • Easier to shoot down.
  • Smaller in size.
  • Carries less people and cargo.
  • More damaging for the enviroment.

Magic Aeroship:


  • Bigger in size.
  • Harder to shoot down.
  • Carries a lot more people and cargo.
  • Less damaging on the enviroment.
  • Easier to maneuver.


  • Harder to manufacture.
  • More weight.
  • Requires several wizards to enchant a powerful enough crystal.
  • Requires a huge crystal.

Southern AeroshipsEdit

In the year 2031, Southern spies infiltrated The Fire Castle and gathered enough information so that the south could build their own Aeroships in the year 2034. But since South Centuria still haven't caught up to Northern tech and magic, they still haven't discovered how to enchant crystals to be able to carry enormous Aeroships. The only ones they have are from successfully infiltrating a Northern Aeroship and taking the ship for them selves.

Since South Centuria has been in a food and economical crisis since 4329, their Aeroships are low-quality Lioness-Style ships which they do not want to risk in battle, so the war has been pretty much stale for many years apart from a couple of small scale invasions and bombings. Although they are at war, North Centuria will often send food and aid to the civilans via Aeroships and nautical ships.