This is the page of Steven Duglaz, also known as the man who could do anything, and the richest man alive!

Growing upEdit

Steven Duglaz was born in a small village in the heart of the Azillian Desert in the year 4640. His parents were Jason & Everlynn Duglaz. In 4643 they were evacuated before a mega-quake that would destroy the village, so they all moved to Port Riivar in North Centuria, to have a fresh start. By the age of 9 he already started his own bussiness, which was basically just selling his own art and stories.

In 4650 his parents were killed in a house fire, which was caused by an enemy aeroship bomb. He had no other family in the town, so he ended up on the streets for about 3 months before James Crook IV found him in the back alley of his blacksmith. James took him in while they waited for the next government aeroship to fly into town. Due to the war being pretty active at the time, Steven lived with James for two years. In 4653, only 13 year old Steven Duglaz was flewn to The Fire Castle with a government aeroship.

Steven wanted revenge on the people that bobmed Port Riivar and burned his home down, so he started boot camp as the youngest person in 204 years. All his free time he spendt in the libraries to find out what aeroship bombed Port Riivar in 4670. When he finally found out which one it was, he went into flying school. By the year 4659, 19 year old Steven Duglaz was already a Z-class soldier in the Eastern Mountain Knights, a billionaire, an aeroship captain and a member of The 10 Royal Assassins.

List of skills & net worth of Steven DuglazEdit

Steven Duglaz has many talents! They include, but aren't limited to:

  • North Centuria's best long-range soldier.
  • Skilled merchant.
  • Amazing artist and writer.
  • Owner of the most million dollar bussiness.

Net worth of Steven Duglaz as of the year 4679:


He earns $349,023,556 a month.